Archive | March, 2015

Understanding What a Vacuum Insulated Panel Is and Its Myriad Installation Benefits

30 March

Just like other forms of panel insulation, vacuum insulated panels or VIPs can be applied as continuous external insulation or stud cavity insulation on buildings. As the name implies, VIPs comprise of panels, which have the air inside them eliminated to create a vacuum. It is not necessarily a total vacuum; however the air pressure […]

Enjoy Easy Post-processing Fabrication with Induction Bending

23 March

Metal fabrication is an unavoidable step in the construction process. With bending, metal pieces have to be prepared for the process, taken through the process and then processed for construction. However, unlike other bending processes available, induction bending requires little preparation and almost zero post-processing after the bending process. So just how little processing is […]

Understanding Different Types Of Fires And Extinguishers

03 March

Although all private and domestic properties should have access to different types of fire extinguishers, it can be difficult – especially in an emergency – to locate the correct extinguisher for dealing with the fire. With this in mind, this article examines the different classes of fire, and which type of fire extinguisher to use. […]