Four Classic Corporate Gifts Your Clients Will Keep On Using

Four Classic Corporate Gifts Your Clients Will Keep On Using

31 December

While many businesses like to try and seek out unique ideas for corporate gifts there is a lot to me said for the classic corporate gifts. Here are four gifts that your clients will keep on reaching for, which can be easily emblazoned with your corporate logo. 


Coffee mugs are an old favourite for a corporate gift. Shared kitchens are often short on mugs and your gift will keep getting pulled out through out the year, so you will get a lot of exposure throughout the year.

Tip; choose a dark colour, as light coloured mugs can get stained and appear dirty even after cleaning leading to a lower use rate.


Another item that is often in short supply in offices is pens. Good quality pens that don’t break easily often stay in circulation for quite a while and often pass from person to person through signing over invoices and other transactions. This means it’s a great option to increase the overall knowledge of your brand if you are a company that works in a wide area or across industry.

Tip; Extra durability can be well worth paying for since pens that break easily or leak will not last as long and may give a poor perception of your brand.

USB drives

With a greater focus on paperless offices many of your clients rely on USB drives to transport important corporate data. Particularly if your business is in a data driven sector, a branded USB drives can be a great way to promote your brand.

Tip; Use a slim line profile for the USB head so it can be easily used by a user on a slim laptop. Having a large memory capacity can also ensure your USB is kept in circulation for as long as possible.

Desk calculators

While many people have phones with built-in calculator functions, these can be a hard to access if you are on the phone at the time! For people who regular perform complex calculations and comparisons on the phone a desk calculator with extra large keys can be useful. 

Tip; Include a non-slip backing so the calculator stays in place when using with one hand.

There is no need to search for the latest and trendiest corporate gift if that doesn’t suit your business. A classic and useful corporate gift may have a longer use life and create a better impression of your brand than a less relevant or durable item.