Making your town more friendly to bikes

Making your town more friendly to bikes

22 March

Having a bike-friendly town centre has a lot of advantages. Not only do you need less car parking spaces as more people ride, bike riding also leads to a more active and healthy population and can have great environmental benefits including reduced pollution. Here are some things that town planners suggest encourage bike riding in a city. 

Create buffered bike lanes

Bike riders can be nervous about riding on the road and competing for space with cars. It can be extremely useful to create buffered bike lanes. These lanes are protected from the road by using small barriers such as plants or bollards and help ensure that bike users have a separate space that cars cannot intrude upon. 

Create bike ‘highways’

Consider where some of your biggest issues are with congestions, then look at ways to replicate these routes for bikes as these are often locations people need to regularly commute to such as workplaces. You can create more efficient routes for bikes in many cases by looking at placing bike paths through green space such as parks. If you can create a way for people to get to work that is more efficient than driving a car, they’ll be more likely to get on their bike. 

Include bike service stations and water fountains 

A growing number of councils are installing bike services stations (with pumping facilities and tools on a long chain) alongside bike paths, allowing users to stop and inflate tires or adjust their bike. This can be useful to encourage casual cyclists to try riding, even if they do not have the facilities to do regular bike maintenance at home. Equally, rest stops where cyclists can stop to rest and refill bottles can also be a great idea in the warm Australian climate.  

Work with businesses and local facilities

Cyclists can often get sweaty and want to change from their cycling clothes into other outfits for school or work and may need showers. It can be useful for town planners to work with local business and educational facilities to ensure that there is access to showers and change rooms for cyclists. These facilities are a great way to encourage potential cyclist to give biking to work or school a go. 

If you are looking for a way to encourage more of your local community to try bike riding, you should contact a town planner (like Michel Group Services) to formulate a bike plan that can help encourage cycling.