Forklift Battery Recovery, Care and Regeneration

Forklift Battery Recovery, Care and Regeneration

16 May

All equipment and machines need regular care and maintenance. Forklifts for instance are affected by wear and tear and therefore need a checkup every so often. Your forklift’s battery for instance may require repair, replacement, restoration or regeneration. There are qualified technicians who can determine the exact solution. The factors that determine your battery’s health have to do with how frequently you use and how it is charged.

Battery Recovery

A battery that has not been used for long or has been charged incorrectly can be easily restored to full working condition. Forklift batteries are similar to the lead acid batteries found in cars. They are however heavier and larger. To revive one, you could clean the battery, replace the fluids and remove sulphation.

When refreshing remember to use distilled water instead of tap water which contains contaminants and other minerals that may damage the battery. The distilled water is added to individual cells in the battery with the aim of restoring the water to acid ratio. There are equipment used by professionals to perform extensive battery refurbishment in case your efforts are not fruitful.

Battery Care

Because of the costs of acquiring one, battery maintenance and care should be a high priority to any forklift owner. Some of the points to note when handling your battery include not interrupting the charge cycle. It is also advisable that you allow the battery to cool down for some hours before using it. Caring for your battery also means you do not charge it for a few minutes such as during lunch breaks. Make sure that the lid is open whenever you charge it so that it cools down and to prevent an accumulation of hydrogen gas.

Other basic battery care tips include:

  1. Keeping the top of the battery clear and clean
  2. Watching out for spillage or over filling when filling the battery
  3. Unplugging it from the truck when leaving for long periods.

Battery Regeneration

This is an advanced process involving state of the art technology which extends the life of the battery. Batteries fail because sludge builds up during the recharging process over years. There are machines that reduce the volume of this build-up substantially and therefore extend the life of the battery significantly.

The more you care for your battery the fewer the forklift repairs that you will have to deal with. It will last longer and serve you more effectively and efficiently. If your forklift doesn’t seem to be operating as well as it used to, make sure to contact a forklift service for an inspection and repairs.